Product Description

2 cleaning systems in one unit? Sounds 2 good to be true? Brace yourselves - it now exists in the 2CLEAN!

IWT's new 2CLEAN product is a cGMP IBC (intermediate bulk container) & Contact Part Washer.

The 2CLEAN cGMP cleaning system is IWT's newest addition to their product portfolio, specially designed for complete and advanced cleaning of IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and intricate change and contact parts.

Patent-pending on-board OZONE Sanitization System

The 2CLEAN's OZONE Sanitization System uses oxidation as a method to enhance the cleaning and sterility assurance chain. It also features:

• Complete sanitization of the machine's wet surfaces
• Comprehensive, validatable results thanks to an entirely repeatable process

Main Features and Benefits

  • 2 complete cleaning processes in one unit, for IBCs and contact parts
  • Optimized batch washing
  • IBC cleaning process:
    - Telescopic GMP hydrokinetic head to reach any internal bin surfaces
    - Bottom valve coverage via dedicated in-floor spray ball
  • Contact parts cleaning process:
    - Automatic Quick-Lock Connection
    - Full in-house designing and manufacturing of customized racks to meet your needs
  • Fully cGMP design featuring:
    - Variable hydrodynamic control, high washing pressure and water flow tuned to accommodate every load need
    - HEPA filtered drying system for bins, parts, chamber and piping
  • Minimal facility and operational requirement impact:
    - Only 250mm (10 inch) sump pump requirements
    - Complete frontal access for convenient maintenance


  • Please ask a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please ask a STEQ America team member for more information

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A look inside the 2CLEAN

Customized baskets option

Most innovative IBC and contact parts washer

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