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Product Description

STEQ America is proud to present Arctiko’s ULUF series. As a part of this range, the -90°C ULUF 15 can be used as either a benchtop or undercounter model. Storage applications for Arctiko’s ultra-low temperature freezers include:

• Biological reagents
• Bone marrow
• Blood and blood derivatives
• Specimens
• Stem cells
• Sperm
• Medicines
• Vaccines
• Ribonucleic acid (RNA)
• Flammable chemicals
• Animal DNA
• Food

The ULUF 15 is a highly reliable, top performing freezer. It features direct cooling for higher temperature uniformity and excellent temperature stability. The long hold-over time and fast recovery time ensures that in the event of loss of power, the quality of your stored samples is preserved. The compact, space-saving design and low noise level make it a perfect storage solution for your laboratory.
The ULUF 15 is a part of Arctiko’s range of freezers with the lowest energy consumption in the world.

Main Features and Benefits

  • An ultra-low temperature freezer for either under the counter or benchtop positioning
  • Temperature range of -90 to -40°C
  • Direct cooling for higher temperature uniformity (+/-2°C)
  • Excellent temperature stability (+/-2°C)
  • Fast pull down time
  • Fast recovery time
  • Long hold-over time in case of loss of power
  • Filterless construction makes cleaning unnecessary
  • Low energy consumption for lower operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly (100% HCFC and CFC free)
  • Highest quality components for product longevity
  • Low noise operation for a pleasant working environment
  • Low heat dissipation equates to air conditioning cost savings
  • Insulated inner doors prevent air leakage
  • Heated door frame and heated vacuum valve allows for easy door opening
  • Magnetic door gasket for a tight closure
  • Easily accessible components for convenient field servicing and maintenance
  • Microprocessor controller with digital display
  • Alarms for power failure, probe failure and more
  • Approx. 72 hours battery backup for alarms and loggings
  • Temperature display
  • 3-level password protected
  • Display text available in different languages
  • Integrated data logger
  • Integrated memory for up to 20 years

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    Additional Product Model Imagery

    Rack and boxes for the ULUF 15 freezer

    Inside the ULUF 15 ultra-low freezer

    Small footprint to fit conveniently on your bench tops or under counter

    Freezer rack CF-5-2

    Freezer rack CF-5-2 with boxes

    Cryo gloves to protect your hands from frost bite

    ARCTIKO SVS voltage stabilizer

    Chart recorder for monitoring temperature

    GSM alarm

    ISO certified

    Caring for the environment

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