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The table top sterilizer SNA30 is built to offer more from all that counts in daily tasks within Infection Control: Super efficient, thanks to its capacity and short cycle times, including excellent load dryness. More flexibility, due to a greater tray loading surface and specially developed racks. Increased usability, through a high-end touchscreen and an intuitive, simple menu structure, including its ergonomic design.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use high resolution touch screen
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Trace ability and easy communication
  • 2 USB ports
  • Ethernet port for connectivity
  • Able to customize the start of selected cycle by date and time
  • Back-up internal memory with up to 200 cycles, enabling to store the cycles in a USB pen
  • Double water tank system
  • Closed-door drying thanks to patented vacuum-assisted drying technology
  • Offers fast cycles for small and large loads
  • Full flexibility on cycle selection and overall reducing cycle time
  • Working temperature: From +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Working relative humidity: Max. RH 80% up to 31°C, linearly decreasing to 50% at 40 °C
  • Storage temperature / rel. humidity: -20 °C to +60 °C/0-90% (with empty tanks)
  • Max altitude: 3000m asl
  • Min. atmospheric pressure: 0.6 barA
  • Overall dimensions: W:490mm/H:452mm/D:616mm, W:19.3’’/H:17.8’’/D:24.25’’
  • Min. space required: W:590mm/H:470mm/D:616mm, W:23.22’’/H:18.5’’/D:24.25’’
  • Total chamber volume: ~28 l, Ø:279.4mm/D:456.8 mm ~7.4 gal, Ø:11’’/D:18’’
  • Chamber usable space: ~18.5 l / 4.9 gal
  • Weight empty: 105.8lbs (48kg)
  • Max. weight (fully loaded): 146.6lbs (66.5kg)
  • Weight per support area: 39,2 kN/m2
  • Max. heat output: 3000 KJoule/hour
  • HEPA filter: 0.3 μm


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information

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