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MAT LD500 Laboratory Glassware Washer


Product Description

The new generation of Matachana washer disinfectors was created to respond to your need to guarantee maximum efficient processes within a reduced time cycle to help increase your productivity. MT LD washers are a revolutionary product in this market featuring optimized and redesigned circuits, flows, energy and reduced water consumption. The reduction in the amount of water required has a direct effect on a lower intake of chemicals. The sum of all these factors allows operators to achieve a much lower cost per cycle whilst protecting the environment.

3 Things You Need To Know About the New Matachana Washing-Disinfecting Line

Increase productivity, protect the environment, economical savings. These are the three pillars on which Matachana has based their new MAT LD compact washers.

• These are advanced machines that don't require a preheating tank to be able to perform a full cycle which includes a pre-wash, wash, rinse, thermo-disinfection (1 min/90°C), and highly efficient drying in 45 minutes

• MAT LD washers are environmentally friendly by minimizing the regular consumption of water, chemicals and energy

• With the reduced consumption of energy, water and chemicals, experience economical savings that allow you to recuperate up to 100% of the cost of your equipment in its lifetime

Main Features and Benefits

  • Freestanding washer disinfector
  • High load capacity: Up to 12 baskets of 1/1 DIN in 6 levels
  • High productivity levels: Standard program duration of 45 minutes (validated according to EN ISO 15883)
  • Low water consumption: 12-15 liters of water per phase
  • Reduced chemical comsumption
  • High accuracy dosing monitoring with flowmeters
  • Effortless to operate and control with the EasyRUN user interface and 7" touchscreen
  • Ergonomically friendly: 750 mm load height
  • Quiet operation: <60 dBA
  • Compact footprint: Only 26 x 31 inches in surface measurement
  • Easily accessible for maintenance: Complete front access
  • Built-in main switch
  • Automatic washing pressure control
  • Double LED lighting inside the chamber
  • Chamber and washing circuits made of 316L stainless steel
  • Easily removable wash arms for straightforward cleaning
  • Automatic sliding doors with vertical downward shift
  • Double glass doors with High Shock Thermic treatment
  • Two chemical dosing pumps with integrated level sensors and independent flowmeters
  • Storage compartment containing four 5-liter cans of chemicals
  • Memory for more than 40 programs
  • Two water intakes - decalcified and demineralized
  • Air HEPA filter H14
  • Direct monitoring via web browser
  • Remote control connectivity


  • Thermal printer
  • 3rd and 4th chemical dosing pumps with integrated level sensors and independent flowmeters
  • Integrated touchscreen in unloading area
  • Audible signal for alarms and end of cycle
  • Differential pressure monitoring on HEPA drying filter
  • Load identification through RFID wireless technology
  • Automatic cycle start in equipment with load identification
  • Manual swing door
  • Washing arms rotation monitoring
  • Drain pump
  • Drain cooling system
  • NetCom connection for external traceability systems
  • High speed module


  • Racks for:
    - Laboratory equipment
    - Instrumentsinstruments
    - Microsurgery
    - Containers
    - Anesthesia equipment
  • Manual transport cart/trolley
  • Transport trolley with automatic lifting mechanism
  • Automatic loading/unloading board


Additional Product Model Imagery

MAT LD500 features and benefits

Easily load your washer

Full coverage wash cycle

High accuracy dosing system and suction lance with level control

Flow monitoring

EasyRUN user interface and 7" touchscreen

Automatic pickup from transport trolley and vertical sliding door

RFID automatic load recognition

MAT LD500 rack options

MAT LD500 Da Vinci rack

Additional, customized options available

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