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Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator (PHL Isolator)


Product Description

The PHL (Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator) is used in the preparation of cytotoxic products, manipulation of hazardous ingredients, and cellular labeling.
Thanks to its innovative characteristics and flexibility, the new and innovative PHL isolator is suitable for a range of applications.

As an operator, you are completely isolated from the manipulated substance for ultimate safety. Keep every production step under full control through the isolator’s large windows.

Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator Features

The PHL features a laminar flow work chamber, where the dispensing of substances in syringes, vials or bags is carried out. A lateral inlet/outlet airlock allows for the introduction and retrieval of materials whilst continually maintaining a protected environment inside the main chamber. Safety benefits in the PHL cannot be found in other standard laminar flow manipulation hoods currently on the market.

At the end of the production cycle, cleaning operations can be carried out using gloves.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Used in R&D, laboratories and hospital pharmacy
  • Enables a less strict classification area in the laboratory (Class D sufficient) whereby lab construction and operational costs (building, electrical and ventilation plants) will be reduced and personnel will have the ability to work without any special gowning
  • Can safely carry out all operations normally reserved for a Hospital Pharmacy
  • The front wall of the work chamber can be completely opened in order to easily facilitate maintenance operations
  • Isolator mounted on wheels to support maintenance and cleaning operations
  • No equilibrium alteration, should the operator leave the designated working place
  • Inlet/outlet pre-chamber is fitted out with a barrier bag to facilitate perfect working organization by reducing risks associated with manipulation activity
  • Operator is able to work while sitting for ergonomic comfortability
  • Large-sized glove flanges provide the operator with plenty of movement capabilities throughout the working area
  • Shell structure made of 316L stainless steel
  • Minimum pneumatic supply: 6 bar
  • Compressed air quality: Class 1.4.1 or higher (ISO 8573-1)


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information

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The PHL internal working chamber

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