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Isolators for Safe HAPI Transfer and Dispensing


Product Description

STEQ America is proud to present Comecer’s range of Isolators for Safe HAPI (Highly Active Product Ingredients) Transfer and Dispensing. These isolators are designed to ensure safety confidence in applications involving the transfer and dispensing of HAPI.

A CIP system is featured in both transfer and dispensing isolators, to accommodate internal washing.

A Transfer and Dispensing Isolator

The transfer isolator consists of a main chamber and an additional Material Air Lock (MAL) chamber. It is designed and engineered for the secure transfer of HAPI into the appropriate bins. All chambers are equipped with an air inlet filter, two air outlet filters, air inlet and outlet valves, and an air extraction fan.

With the dispensing isolator, the closed bins are brought to the isolator system through the pre-chamber front door and placed on a sliding tray which sits between the right pre-chamber and the main chamber.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Used in primary pharmaceutical production
  • Used for containment
  • Bottom of chamber sloped to facilitate drainage of wash down fluids
  • JUMO manometer for the internal pressure control
  • Inverter for ventilation fan speed control
  • Automatic valves for air flow interception
  • Manual butterfly valve
  • Isolator glass tempered with 316L stainless steel
  • 230V and 50/60Hz power supply
  • International protection rating: IP 54
  • 6 bar minimum supply pressure (compressed air/nitrogen)
  • WFI: 20L/min (Dispensing) and 18 L/min (Transfer)
  • Transfer isolator features:
    - ­Active ingredients are brought into the isolator utilizing a DPTE interface
    - ­Securely transfers the HAPI into the appropriate bins
    ­- Main chamber and an additional Material Air Lock (MAL) chamber
    ­- Polypropylene glove flanges
    ­- Nitrile gloves
    ­- N°1 bag-out tube for bin discharge
    ­- N°1 270-S alpha flange
  • Dispensing isolator features:
    ­- A left pre-chamber , a main chamber and exit chamber
    ­- ­Sliding tray
    ­­- Bar grills
    ­­- Bag-out tube
    ­­- Funnel for pouring of material
    ­­- 270-S alpha flange
    ­­- Polypropylene glove flanges
    ­­- Nitrile gloves
    ­­- IP65 Illumination units
    ­­- Shelf for storing your tools


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


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