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Isolator with ATEX Compliant Chamber for Dispensing


Product Description

STEQ America is proud to present Comecer’s ATEX isolator. Designed to safely and effectively perform weighing and conduct powder transfer procedures of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

The ATEX isolator features a chamber equipped with connections for scales and cable runs, with a front wall made of 316L tempered glass, which can be completely opened. The chamber is also equipped with two spray balls and two spray guns for convenient and pristine cleaning.

Transfer and Discharge of Materials

The transfer and discharge of materials take place via an RTP located on the side of the chamber and a barrier sack with an interlocking door located on the operating surface. The ATEX isolator comes equipped with an automatic lift trolley which allows accumulation of the rejects and a subsequent easy transport.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Used in primary pharmaceutical production
  • Used for containment
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • GAMP 5 compliant software (21 CFR Part 11 compliant software also an option)
  • Operator friendly HMI interface
  • Isolator glass tempered with 316L stainless steel
  • Weight: 2500 Kg
  • Air classification: ISO 5 (B)
  • Inlet and outlet air pressure type: HEPA H14
  • Sliding tray and internal storage systems made of 316L stainless steel
  • Magnehelic manometers for the internal pressure control to monitor negative internal pressure
  • Photohelic manometers to monitor clogging conditions of the air filter
  • Scale with remote panel
  • Sensors for monitoring the oxygen level
  • Automatic valves for air flow interception
  • DPTE 270-S ALPHA
  • Filtration system composed of a single inlet stage inside the enclosure and a double output stage
  • Exhaust system with Ø186mm flange
  • Turbulent sir flow and ventilation system involves these modes based on the type of supply:
    - Laboratory Air
    - Process Air
    - Nitrogen
  • Inverter for air fan speed control
  • Automatic valves (ON/OFF) for air ventilation
  • Oval glove flanges in PVC equipped with gloves in Hypalon
  • Power supply: 230V and 50/60Hz
  • Minimum supply pressure (compressed air/nitrogen): 6 bar
  • WFI: 18 L/min


  • Please ask a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please ask a STEQ America team member for more information


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ATEX isolator glove flanges

ATEX isolator electrical connection

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