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Compact Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI-C)


Product Description

Take a closer look at the CACI-C (Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator – Compact), engineered by leading isolator technology manufacturer, Comecer. Featuring unidirectional airflow with positive/negative pressure and continuous monitoring of chamber and filter pressures – the CACI-C will ensure Grade A conditions for all operators performing the manual compounding of antiblastic and chemotherapeutic preparations.

Turbulent airflow and ergonomic working station

This compounding aseptic containment isolator features an airlock equipped with turbulent airflow for flash bio-decontamination. It is designed to take air from a Class D laboratory or from HVAC. The CACI-C is perfect for operators working in either a standing or seated position. A height-adjustable, ergonomic stool is also included.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Used in R&D, laboratory applications and hospital pharmacy
  • Used for chemotherapy
  • Airlock with turbulent airflow for flash bio-decontamination
  • Air intake from a Class D laboratory or from HVAC
  • Continuous monitoring of chamber and filter pressures
  • 12 mm tempered glass which can also be externally laminated with a safety film
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Integrated VPHP circuit
  • Integrated VPHP generator
  • Highest quality 316L stainless steel for internal components and storage system
  • On-board chamber/glove tightness test
  • Unidirectional airflow with positive/negative pressure
  • FDA approved inflatable and static seals
  • GAMP 5 -SW compliant
  • Minimal footprint and ideal for reduced space environments (such as hospital laboratories)
  • Suitable as a substitute for a cytotoxic safety cabinet
  • High containment technology to protect operators from the compound manipulated within the isolator
  • No direct operator manipulation
  • Separate waste system
  • Accurate gravimetric dosage system
  • No residuals
  • Sterilized with vapor phase hydrogen peroxide
  • Prescription cross-check
  • Integrates a dedicated system for compounding monitoring control and supervision
  • System comprised of two chambers: compact airlock chamber and process chamber (4 gloves, other configurations available with 2 or 3 gloves)


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Available upgrades:
    - Additional airlock or process chambers
    - Rapid transfer port(s) and device(s)
    - Continuous liner IN & OUT system
    - Alternative decontamination system (e.g. Ozone)
    - Dispensing systems
  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


Additional Product Model Imagery

Compact pre-chamber with tray

Viable, non-viable monitoring

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