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Automatic Glove Tester (AGT)


Product Description

Take a closer look at Comecer’s Automatic Glove Tester (AGT), now available through STEQ America. The AGT is used to test glove integrity in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5 (tested in positive pressure). This system is equipped with 1 module to test 4 gloves simultaneously.

Isolator Chamber Leak Test:

The AGT performs the leak test of an isolator chamber using a dedicated glove flange cover equipped with a differential pressure transmitter and temperature sensor (included in the standard configuration).

The system can be equipped with 1 to 2 glove test modules. Each module can test 4 gloves, and so the maximum number of gloves that can be tested simultaneously is 12.

How does the Automatic Glove Tester work?

The power supply is only required for the main unit. Medical Grade compressed air for glove inflation is supplied by an oil-free onboard compressor.

The operator is required to position a flange cover on top of each flange-glove to be tested. It is easily secured with a push button.

The AGT is then prepped to fully perform the integrity glove test or the isolator chamber leak test.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Used as isolation technology
  • Used for testing
  • Automatic glove tester and leak tester
  • Multiple data recording and traceability options
  • Touchscreen and user-friendly software
  • Integrated oil-free air compressor (Medical Grade)
  • Dedicated onboard vacuum generator and compressor
  • Easy startup, transfer and testing capabilities
  • Equipped with 1 module to test 4 gloves simultaneously
  • 4 flange covers, oval or circular (to be specified by the customer)
  • Test duration of approximately 10 seconds for each glove


  • The system can be configured to integrity test up to 8 gloves or up to 12 gloves
  • The AGT can perform integrity glove testing on circular, oval or custom-sized flanges
  • Data traceability (printer, wired or wireless Ethernet connection)
  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information


  • Please speak with a STEQ America team member for more information

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AGT Automatic Glove Tester

AGT connections panel

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