Product Description

The W200 contact part washer by IWT is an extremely compact and user friendly machine used as a cleaning solution for a wide variety of product contact parts.

The W200 has become the ideal cleaning unit for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It offers not only excellent cleaning and drying performance, but also an extremely compact footprint which makes it easy to install in even the smallest of cleaning environments. The W200 can manage up to two different chemicals and features a double water connection, minimizing the cost per cycle. As with all IWT products, the W200 complies with all current regulatory standards as outlined by cGMP, GAMP 5 and the FDA. Minimize downtime associated with your product production by using this automated, repeatable, traceable and fully validated system. All of these features make the W200 a highly valuable alternative to any manual cleaning process.

The W200 spray pattern

Main Features and Benefits

  • cGMP contact part washer
  • Minimal footprint
  • Custom designed loading baskets, racks and trolleys to meet any individual need
  • Manufactured to last, flexible and modular to suit different requirements
  • Built of AISI316L stainless steel
  • Rounded corners and absence of dead legs to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned
  • Limited use of water, chemicals and energy for low running costs
  • Validated cleaning performance and comprehensive cGMP documentation
  • Ability to facilitate multiple loading racks
  • Multicolor graphic operator interface
  • Manually operated wide, panoramic glass door
  • Water, air temperature and pressure conductivity monitoring device
  • Time efficient permitting a faster restart of product production
  • Sampling valves provide qualification of the cleaning process to help prevent cross-contamination
  • Ability to manage up to two different chemicals
  • Double water connection minimizes the cost per cycle
  • Multicolor, graphical user interface (HMI)


  • Casting moulds
  • Pipe penetrations, cables or hoses incorporated in the cabinet roof or side panel
  • Customized wing door colors
  • Conductivity probes
  • Sampling valves


  • Racks for small or large glassware


Additional Product Model Imagery

With open door

Rounded corners and sensor

Orbital weld with tagging

Conductivity check and detergent injection

Multicolor HMI

Cleaning of compressing tools

Riboflavin test at the FAT

W200 Cleaning Versatility

Customized loading baskets

Washing conducted inside the W200

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