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Product Description

Decon Lock Pharma is a pharmaceutical solution decontamination chamber by IWT. It is the ideal solution for Vaporized H2O2 and Gaseous ClO2 decontamination, and is even suitable for high containment facilities (BSL3).

Decon Lock Pharma features a one-hour cycle time with an integrated, modular H202 generator. Its interlocking doors are made entirely of glass, and the unit itself is cGMP compliant with full validation protocols. This unit also features a double touchscreen interface. Multiple accessories are available for a wide range of part and consumables decontamination process.

Employee using Decon Lock Pharma

Main Features and Benefits

  • cGMP and FDA compliant decontamination chamber
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including high containment facilities (BSL3)
  • Compatible with standard external generators available in the market
  • Internal socket for power supply of the load to achieve full decontamination (i.e. changing stations ventilation running)
  • A quick, one-hour decontamination cycle to carry out multiple routine jobs
  • 6log reduction on spores of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus
  • Full glass doors with inflatable gaskets for perfect chamber sealing and barrier integrity
  • Sampling ports and optional safety sensor kit for enabling door opening prior to H2O2 residuals check
  • Cable connections with external generators for signals exchange
  • Internal emergency buttons with self-releasing doors


  • Catalyzer to break down H2O2, eliminating the need for external ductwork


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Inside Decon Lock Pharma decontamination chamber

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