Product Description

The 650C contact part washer by IWT is an extremely compact and user friendly machine used as a cleaning solution for a wide variety of product contact parts.

The 650C is the ideal solution for automating cleaning operations and procedures in the cosmetic industry. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be easily installed in either newly built or existing facilities. Minimize downtime associated with your product production by using this automated, repeatable, traceable and fully validated system. Cycle parameters, general settings and multiple washing instructions are fully managed directly through a PLC controlled 7” wide multicolor touch screen. The 650C offers the possibility to use interchangeable, customized loading systems, allowing you to process a wide variety of product contact parts, enhancing the overall productivity of any system. The 650C is built in compliancy with cGMP guidelines.

Main Features and Benefits

  • cGMP contact part washer
  • Expansive loading capacity
  • Fully controllable validated process
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Limited use of water, chemicals and energy for low running costs
  • Manufactured to last, flexible and modular to suit different requirements
  • Validated cleaning performance and comprehensive cGMP documentation
  • Tailor-made loading baskets, racks and trolleys to meet any individual need
  • Reduces or removes manual cleaning
  • Maximum safety operation
  • Repeatability of processes
  • Monitors process parameters
  • Minimized water and detergent consumption in cleaning processes
  • Surfaces in contact with water built of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • FDA compliant polymer materials
  • Flat surfaces to allow for efficient drainage of water and enhance clean-ability
  • Self-draining piping featuring orbital welding and tri-clamp connections
  • Highly efficient process pump made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Multiple washing instructions can be stored in the control system
  • Removable static mesh filters to protect the water tank
  • Drawer-style electrical cabinet


  • Single or double doors, manually operated
  • Interlocking function to preserve separation between loading and unloading areas
  • Can be customized to handle two different types of detergent


  • Racks for small or large glassware

Additional Product Model Imagery

Front view of 650C

650C oscillating washing arms with nozzles

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