Compressor Cooled Incubator ICP750eco


Product Description

The Compressor Cooled Incubator ICP750eco is ideal for ramp operation with rapid temperature changes during incubation, breeding or storage. More environmentally friendly and even more powerful, ICPeco series units are cooled with climate-neutral CO2 as a refrigerant (R744).

According to the EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas Regulation), new commercial refrigerators with a GWP* of more than 150 may no longer be sold in the EU from 1 January 2022. Memmert reacted early for several reasons: the new eco-appliances have a positive impact on the environmental balance of ecologically thinking companies, are virtually maintenance-free and score with improved cooling capacity.

Advantages Memmert's Cooling System with CO2 Cooling Capacity

• Climate-neutral refrigerant with a GWP* value of 1
• Environmentally-friendly refrigerant R744 is chlorine-free, is neither flammable nor toxic, does not need to be disposed of or recycled, and requires far less energy during manufacture
• Faster cooling thanks to better cooling capacity
• Virtually maintenance-free
• No temperature overshoots, keeping the temperatures at the precise setpoint

*Not suitable for long-term storage at sub-zero temperatures

Main Features and Benefits

  • Working temperature range from 12°C up to +60°C (Optimum performance of cooling aggregate at an ambient temperature of +16°C up to +32°C
  • Setting accuracy temperature of 0.1 °C
  • Cooling compressor with climate-neutral refrigerant CO2 (R744), GWP1
  • Air jacket heating system for gentle all-around heating
  • Highly efficient automatic defrosting system
  • No drying-up of the load caused by the cooling device due to separation of thermal jacket from interior
  • 2 Pt100 sensors DIN Class A in 4-wire-circuit for mutual monitoring, taking over functions in case of an error
  • Control COCKPIT TwinDISPLAY: Adaptive multifunctional digital PID-microprocessor controller with 2 high-definition TFT-colour displays
  • Digital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days
  • Function SetpointWAIT: The process time does not start until the set temperature is reached
  • Calibration for 3 freely selectable temperature values
  • Adjustable parameters:
    - Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    - Fan speed
    - Program time
    - Time zones
    - Daylight saving
  • Program stored in case of power failure
  • AtmoCONTROL software on a USB stick for programming, managing and transferring programs via Ethernet interface or USB port
  • Temperature control for safety:
    - Mechanical temperature limiter TB
    - Protection class 1 according to DIN 12880 to switch off the heating approx. 10°C above nominal temperature
    - Over and under temperature monitor TWW and alarm
    - Heating is switched off in case of overtemperature
  • Autodiagnostic system for fault analysis
  • Language setting for English, German, Spanish, French, Polish Czech and Hungarian


  • Chamber modification for the application of reinforced perforated stainless steel shelves or stainless steel grids (bearing rails mounted in the working chamber) – includes replacement of 2 standard grids by 2 reinforced grids
  • Door-open-recognition (only for units with TwinDISPLAY)
  • Process-dependent programmable door lock (only for units with TwinDISPLAY)
  • MobileALERT, notification by SMS in case of any error or alarm of the device. Requires option H6 “floating contact for alarm”
  • Integration of additional units (up to max. 15 units) into an already existent FDA-software licence (only for units with TwinDISPLAY)
  • IQ document with device-specific works test data, OQ/PQ check list as support for validation by customer


  • USB-Ethernet adapter
  • Ethernet connection cable 5 m for computer interface
  • Subframe, adjustable in height
  • Subframe, on castors (size 30 to 75: height 660 mm, size 110 to 160: height 560 mm)


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New Memmert climate chambers and incubators ICHeco/ICPeco

Dimensions of the ICP750eco

Average time to change temperature graph

Memmert castor frame

Subframe on castors

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