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Take a closer look at the VOcool cooled vacuum oven, for the gentle drying of bacteria and starter cultures. Freeze-drying, the most common means of drying starter cultures and probiotics is very energy-intensive. Furthermore, some bacterial strains do not survive the freezing process. Thanks to low-temperature vacuum drying, unstable substances can be dried in the VOcool at moderate temperatures above zero without causing too much damage to the cell structure. Even more, program-controlled storage and transport scenarios for determining the behavior of active ingredients or volumes at different pressure and temperature conditions can be simulated.

Featuring a MEMory CardXL, you’ll have confidence in process safety with a temperature profile file where up to 40 ramps can be stored and re-used as often as you want. Celsius software enables convenient and extensive programming and documentation of processes.

Memmert is one of the leading manufacturers of temperature controlled appliances for your laboratory. Made in Germany, these units are 100% AtmoSAFE meaning not only are you purchasing a superior product technologically, but also one that was made considering the environment.

Whether you’re looking for small (32 liters) or large (1060 liters) volume chambers, working with standard applications or requiring a high demand for functionality, programming or documentation - Memmert have you covered. STEQ America is proud to offer Memmert’s range of heating and drying ovens which feature user-friendliness and state-of-the-art communication interfaces as a standard. Each appliance is tested according to the strict requirements of DIN 12 880: 2007-05 and is equipped with maximum security capabilities to keep you, the operator, safe at all times.

Beautiful and functional, Memmert’s stainless steel is scratch resistant, hygienic, robust and ever-lasting.

Applications for heating & drying ovens include:
• Sample storage
• Water content
• Vacuum drying
• Dry content
• Conditioning
• Heat drying
• Material testing
• Annealing

Peltier technology for energy savings

The compact, energy-saving and extremely accurate Peltier cooling technology ensures a surface temperature distribution with a maximum deviation of ±1 K across the entire temperature range. Memmert is the only manufacturer worldwide offering digital pressure control as a standard for their vacuum ovens. Ramp programming of temperature and vacuum (-cycles) in combination with direct heating of shelves allows for turbo processes and no residual moisture.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Low-temperature vacuum drying to safely dry bacteria and starter cultures
  • Simulate program-controlled transport and storage scenarios to determine the behavior of active ingredients or volumes under different pressure and temperature conditions
  • Compact and energy-saving
  • Digital temperature pressure control with Pt100 and auto-diagnostic system
  • Integrated Peltier-cooling technology for guaranteed surface temperature distribution with a max deviation of ±1 K across the entire temperature range
  • Ramp programming of temperature and vacuum in combination with heating/cooling of thermoshelves for quick processes and nullifying residual humidity
  • Interior can be ventilated in cycles to remove humidity more quickly with exhaust air
  • MEMoryCard to directly program up to 40 ramps with various set temperature and vacuum values
  • 316L stainless steel interior
  • Aluminum thermoshelf
  • Real time/weekly programmer
  • Timer with residual running time
  • Internal log memory 1024 kB as ring memory for all setpoints, actual values, errors, settings with real-time and sate; capacity up to 3 months at 1 min. intervals
  • Removable interior mounting
  • Inert gas inlet
  • Pump control


  • Model sizes 200 (29 liters) or 400 (49 liters)
  • +5 °C to +90 °C
  • Extended temperature range 0°C to +90 °C
  • 5mbar to 1100 mbar
  • Works calibration certificate for 3 temperatures +5 °C, +30 °C, +20 °C at 20 mbar pressure
  • Ethernet or RS232 interface instead of USB
  • IQ/OQ checklist


  • Noise-insulated vacuum pump module
  • Signal cable (3m) for optimizing pump performance
  • Chemically resistant vacuum pump with PFTE double diaphram


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Vacuum Oven Thermoshelf

Sub-frame, tubular steel, black enameled

Standard units are safety-approved and bear the test marks

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