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Product Description

STEQ America is pleased to present bioGO Cleanroom Buildings. bioGO Cleanroom Buildings are offsite constructed and precision built, they feature flexible layouts to support bio-processing with Single Use Technology. The idea behind the design of bioGO Cleanroom is for it to be flexible for the scale up or scale out of processing steps. All cleanrooms are re-purposed for multi-product facilities, also providing HVAC units.

Cleanroom buildings are securely joined with Germfree's exclusive bioSEAL technology. bioSEAL is a joint system that isolates the module interior from infiltration/exfiltration. By having a bioGO Cleanroom Building it removes barriers by fast-tracking tangible solutions that can easily be scaled.

bioGO Cleanroom Buildings are cleanable by robust materials of construction. The best part? bioGO Clean Buildings can be enclosed in a shell building or a standalone with exterior panels. It is so durable and permanent building that with the ability it can be relocated to where you wish.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Fully Self-contained cGMP Facilities
  • Available as an open cleanroom or with specific zones for aseptic processes or containment
  • Units can be hooked up to existing building connections (shore power) or function independently with on-board generators and water tanks
  • Trailers can be installed in warehouse/shell buildings for extended deployments
  • Easily moved to site or region it is needed
  • 53’ ft. (16 meter) long trailers have slide-out walls to increase interior space
  • Engineered and configured for any required standards including: FDA cGMP, USP, Biocontainment up to BSL-3; Cleanroom up to Grade A
  • Highly durable overall construction and resistant interior finishes; Arcoplast walls and ceilings; cleanroom-certified seamless vinyl flooring
  • Optimal integration of HVAC for a low ratio of mechanical space
  • Advanced security features and entry systems; external pass-throughs
  • Fully customizable and configured to provide the ideal workflow
  • Cleanroom zones to meet the demands for product sterility/cGMP assurance


  • Please contact us for more information


  • Please contact us for more information


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