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Product Description

VICI DBS has been specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of products and accessories for analytical instruments since 1985.

Their innovative gas generators have been developed using microprocessor control and patented designs to create products that have become the leading exemplar of contemporary and reliable hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators amongst their kind.

VICI DBS hydrogen generators offer a safe, economical and convenient alternative to gas cylinders. Utilizing the latest polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) technology, these units produce consistently high purity hydrogen. The NM Plus Series enhances the high performance of the PG Plus with the addition of a unique no-maintenance purification system, resulting in ultra-high purity carrier-grade gas.

Highly sophisticated software control and safety alarm capabilities maximize the benefits of using hydrogen carrier gas while minimizing any safety concerns.

Cascading benefits with the NM Plus Series

The ability to “cascade” or install several hydrogen generators in parallel, provides:
• Higher flow rates (up to 10 lpm)
• Automatic flow compensation in the event of unplanned downtime across all connected units
• Continuous operation for critical applications

Main Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for:
    - Flame ionization detector (FID)
    - Small fuel-cell cylinder refills
    - Carrier gas for GC and GC-MS
    - Fast GC
    - Collisions on ICP-MS
  • 99.99996%
  • Outlet pressure adjustable by electronic controller up to 11 barg (160 psig)
  • LCD display interface
  • Real-time outlet pressure and water quality diagnostics
  • Alarms
  • Low energy consumption
  • Earthquake and shock sensor
  • Optimized, powerful water pump for PEM cell
  • Improved safety:
    - A very limited internal volume of less than 50 ml allows for the safe use of the gas generators where the use of cylinders is risky or prohibited
    - Tested safety technologies stop the unit in the event of leaks or malfunction
  • Improved savings: Our hydrogen generators don’t require the expensive installation of gas pipelines, nor the need to repeatedly change bottles
  • Hydrogen is produced by forcing distilled or deionized water through a sophisticated Swiss-made fuel cell
  • Electrolytic dissociation separates the water into two main components: hydrogen ready for analytical use and oxygen that is released into the air
  • No acid or alkaline solutions are used in the hydrogen generation cycle
  • Patented automatic drying system ensures the maximum grade of hydrogen purity
  • Software upgrade by standard USB
  • Certifications: CE, CSA, FCC


  • 100, 160, 250, 300, 500, 600ml/min
  • Please contact a STEQ America team member for more information


  • H2 sensor:
    - Provides a real-time bar graph display of the concentration of hydrogen in the GC (gas chromatography) oven
    - If there is leakage to the threshold level, an audible alarm will sound and a flashing display will be seen
    - If the leak continues until the upper limit of hydrogen concentration is reached, the system will automatically stop the hydrogen generator
    - Optional feature is a valve which inactivates an inert gas purge of the GC oven when the upper limit of hydrogen is reached. When normal levels are restored, operations are restarted
  • Please contact a STEQ America team member for more information

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