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Humidity Chamber HCP50


Product Description

STEQ America is proud to offer the HCP50 humidity chamber, manufactured by industry leader for laboratory equipment, Memmert. These advanced humidity chambers are used for: stability testing in the pharmaceutical industry; the conditioning and climate testing of plastic, metal or composite material; the storage of electronic components and lacquers or coatings in controlled environments.

Does your application temperature lie between 7 °C above room temperature and 90°C, with controllable humidity? Then the HCP50 humidity chamber is best for you, being unbeatable on price, performance, and ease of use.

From zoology and botany to material research, electronics and building physics - environment simulations in the humidity chamber must be reliable, reproducible and completely documentable in the laboratory. The high-precision temperature and humidity control in the HCP series, as well as the heating from all six sides, ensure reliability and an interior free of condensation.

TwinDISPLAY: Allows for multiple overtemperature protection layers, visual and acoustic alarms as well as sending an automatic alarm message to one or several e-mail addresses.

Beautiful and functional, the HCP50 humidity chamber is made of Memmert’s scratch resistant stainless steel which is also hygienic, robust, and ever-lasting.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Temperature range 7 °C above ambient temperature up to +90 °C
  • 4 model sizes (56 to 241 Liters)
  • Interior dimensions (W x H x D): 15.75 x 16.73 x 13.00 inches
  • Exterior dimensions (W x H x D): 22.01 x 31.23 x 20.51 inches
  • 56 L volume
  • Integrated active humidity control system
  • Double doors to eliminate contamination and drops or rises in temperature, and give you an optimal view of the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors
  • Adaptive, fuzzy-supported multifunctional digital microprocessor PID-controller with 2 high-definition TFT-color displays
  • 2 Pt100 sensors DIN Class A in 4-wire-circuit, mutually monitoring and taking over functions in case of an error
  • Digital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days
  • Digital display of all set parameters such as:
    - Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    - Program time
    - Time zones
    - Relative humidity
    ­- Set-up values (including language)
  • Active humidifying and dehumidifying control (20-95 % rh) with setting accuracy humidity of 0.5 % rh
  • Setting accuracy temperature of 0.1 °C with setting temperature range of +18 to +90 °C
  • Three freely selectable temperature values for calibration
  • Program stored in case of power failure
  • Auto diagnostic system with integral fault diagnostics for temperature and humidity control
  • Audible and visual alarm in case of over-/under temperature, under humidity, open door and empty water tank
  • CE safety approved

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