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Freeze and Thaw


Product Description

Freeze & Thaw systems is a complete process. This process enables you to process development to freeze proteins from laboratory to industrial scale.

The best part? Freeze & Thaw systems bring together and unite all the answers you were looking for. It unites the space and time for temperature-critical products and solutions in the pharmaceutical field. Next, the products solutions are checked and can be frozen to preserve the product for a longer time period. After the product is frozen, it then can be stored and or transported where need be.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Technique of safe storage and transport of biopharmaceutical products
  • Optimum, uniform, process-defined freezing and thawing
  • CFD simulation software
  • Accompaniment of test series on a laboratory scale
  • Accompaniment of test series on a pilot scale
  • Accompaniment and advice in CIP technology
  • Sophisticated system with ZETA FreezeController

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