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HPPlife: The Constant Climate Chamber for Keeping Mice & Zebrafish

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Humans and animals are highly adaptable. A healthy body adjusts to changing environmental conditions and sources of food without any problems. At the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine of the Technical University (TU) München, Germany, the question as to why the energy balance in some mammals becomes problematic and experiences difficulties, subsequently leading to being overweight or underweight, or to diabetes type II, is being examined on the model organism of the mouse. The mice are kept under controlled conditions, in two constant climate chambers named the HPP750life, specially adapted for their keeping.

In a conventional heating oven, mice and rats can only be kept at room temperature or warmer, since air exchange in combination with cooling and dehumidification commonly poses a problem. Walk-in climate chambers with temperature and humidity control pose a disadvantage where working at +30 °C puts a strain on laboratory employees.

The HPPlife is a unique and inventive appliance featuring controlled air exchange and humidity, even at low temperatures. A relatively mobile solution, it offers minimal footprint and enables freshwater for humidity control to be supplied via water tanks or alternatively via a central water supply system. Thanks to the appliance’s internal data logger, all controlled parameters are logged and documented.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Temperature range (with light) 0 °C up to +40 ℃
  • 749 litres volume (26.4 cu. ft.)
  • Digitally controlled active humidification and dehumidification 10% up to 90 % rh
  • Efficient dehumidification of the chamber by means of compressed air for safe and stable humidity values in compliance with GV Solas guidelines
  • Air exchange rate can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the exhaust air motor
  • Peltier heating and cooling concept specifically adapted for a precise and homogenous temperature control
  • Program controlled LED light strips (on max. 3 levels), adjustable in steps of 1 % (6,500 K cold white or 2,700 K warm white); adjustment angle 45°
  • Made almost exclusively of highest-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily-to-clean stainless steel (working chamber and housing)
  • Developed in cooperation with the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine of the Technical University of Munich headed by Prof. Dr. Klingenspor

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A Top Performer from Every Angle

Recovery time after the door was opened for 30 seconds:
10°C and 60% rh: Approximately 30 minutes
30°C and 45% rh: Approxmately 5 minutes

Light measurement:
Measured on two levels in the middle of the chamber

Illumination setting: 50%
Measured value: 150 Lux

Illumination setting: 100%
Measured value: 300 Lux

Complete controlled air exchange

At TU München, research is being conducted whereby various types of mice are kept in their HPP750life climate chambers located in a clean room and at temperatures of +30 °C as well as at +5 °C and at 55 to 60 % relative humidity. In order to guarantee the recommended humidity of between 45 and 65 % rh for the humane keeping of mice even at low temperatures, a compressed air dehumidification unit is integrated into the appliance. Using the AtmoCONTROL software, the LED illumination can be programmed to simulate the day and night rhythm. A clean room is the recommended installation site for this particular climate chamber.

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