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Have You Read the Latest Matachana Magazine Publication?

Our manufacturing partner, Matachana Group, has been producing premium, small to bulk steam sterilizers for more than 50 years. They provide services in over 110 countries. These sterilizers are engineered for flexibility, and to support your cGMP, QC testing and QC application needs.

Click on the image to the left to learn more about the influence their innovative technology has been having on laboratory, healthcare, manufacturing and production facilities around the world. Highlights in their latest publication include:

  • Launch of the MAT LD laboratory washers range – the new market standard (page 9)
    – Environmentally friendly
    – Short cycle time: Pre-wash, wash rinse, thermo disinfection and drying
    – Economical savings
    – Reduced water consumption
  • Case studies of low-temperature sterilization (page 10)
    – Microbicidal efficacy, penetration performance and process capabilities

For more on the Matachana sterilizers offered by STEQ America click here.

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