Gas Cylinders in Laboratories: Safety, Purity and Cost Concerns and How Gas Generators Can Help
Resources | Aug 08, 2018

Despite the significant safety concerns that come with utilizing them, gas cylinders have traditionally been the most prevalent source of gas supply for laboratory applications. But what’s the better alternative? Find out how labs are experiencing the convenience of gas being produced on demand and at consistently high purity levels of grade 6 or 7.

Steam Sterilization in Life Sciences image_best-pharma_Matachana_STEQ America
Steam sterilization in life sciences: vacuum pump vs. ejector technology
Resources | Jul 12, 2018

Steam is the most widely used medium to accomplish sterilization in many of today’s life science industries. As part of that, air removal is a critical factor in assuring temperatures are uniform within the sterilizer chamber. But when it comes to technology – vacuum pump vs. ejector – which one’s best?

Memmert and Comecer Now Available STEQ America_image
Now Available! STEQ America’s New Product Offerings
Resources, Announcements | May 09, 2018

STEQ America is excited to announce that we are now offering Memmert temperature controlled appliances and Comecer isolation technologies, as part of our product line portfolio. Read on to find out more about these innovative new technologies and how they can greatly enhance your laboratory and production operations.

3 Actionable Articles All About Cleaning Validation
Resources | Oct 18, 2017

Today we highlight some great resource articles to help you in your cleaning validation processes.

Safety Storage Cabinet Essentials: Explained
Resources | Aug 18, 2017

Priorities when purchasing safety cabinets for storing flammable or hazardous materials can be overwhelming. Here, we’ll break down two features you shouldn’t overlook when selecting yours.

Arctiko vaccine biologics best ultra-low freezers-steq-america
How well do ultra-low freezers safeguard your vaccine or biological substances?
Resources | Jul 31, 2017

CDC and The Joint Commission recommendations for one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical sectors. What’s the best way to store your vaccine and biological samples? Read on to find out…

Best cGMP washers pharma and biotech image_STEQ America_2
cGMP Washing Solutions Infographic
Resources | Jun 22, 2017

New infographic: cGMP Washing Solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
STEQ America’s newest infographic provides information on cGMP washing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Featured washers have been installed in the sites of multinational companies such as Sanofi and UCB. From high-pressure cleaning systems to GMP parts washers and cabinet washers – here’s what you need to know about solutions from Italian manufacturer, IWT.

ULT Freezer Infographic
Resources | Apr 10, 2017

STEQ America has launched a brand new infographic highlighting the ultra-low temperature freezer product range of Danish manufacturer, ARCTIKO.
This infographic shows how the features and benefits of ARCTIKO freezers have led them to become a key player in the ULT freezer global market. Download your copy here.

White Papers Archive
Resources | Aug 25, 2016

Take a look through our white paper archive, highlighting industry trends and important news.

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