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ARCTIKO white paper

Your irreplaceable and cherished laboratory samples deserve the optimum storage conditions, allowing you the security and peace of mind that they will be to be preserved.

Given there is an extensive, and almost infinite, range of laboratory samples, utmost sensitive temperature regulation and stability is of paramount importance. For many lab samples, conventional refrigeration is sufficient, but explicit types, for example, delicate vaccines and particular microorganisms’ strains, necessitate ultra-low temperatures, well beyond the range of conventional refrigeration.

STEQ is pleased to announce that in partnership with ARCTIKO, a market leader in ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology, STEQ has the finest solutions available for your lab requirements. The attached literature highlights the ultimate in ultra-low temperature cold storage solutions founded upon the category of lab samples you are securing, as well as helpful preventive maintenance tips and how to optimize energy efficiency in today’s green world.

Download the White Paper from ARCTIKO

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